Simple way to reindex a field type?


Say I have a bunch of daily log indices, created with Logstash dynamic templates, where one field has inconsistent datatypes over a span of a couple of weeks.

Is there a way to:

  1. Create new indices (i.e. without having dynamic templates apply mappings
  2. Reindex old -> new indices, keeping the mapping except changing the incorrect field type to the correct one?


1 - create new index name with different from logstash-* name (assuming you have something like that)

# curl --silent localhost:9200/_cat/templates | grep logstash
logstash   logstash-*   0 50001

2 - Reindex API


Thanks alexus; I was hoping to get a little more guidance in using the Reindex API - can I use that to zone in on the incorrectly mapped field and change it, or do I need to specify the correct field in a template / dynamic template?


Create index and set Mapping or do it via templates, then Reindex API...

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