ElasticSearch automatically skips decimals in floating numbers

I have a panel configured to retrieve a floating number from Elasticsearh, I am interested in the decimals of that number, but apparently the panel omits the numbers after the comma and leaves them at 0 as if it were a whole number with a comma. Also Elastic’s answer comes with the omission of the numbers after the comma. in other words, it is not Grafana that omits the numbers.
Why does this happen with Elastic? Has anyone been through the same thing? and can you give me your recommendation?

A panel where exactly?

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What is the mapping of the field?

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Thanks for responding so fast (much faster than the grafana forum)
The panel was stat type.
Looking and analyzing the data types well, I realized that the error was because my data with problems was type long and not float64, but I was aware that I was working with data type float64, the data flow consists of consulting a iot apis, transform data of interest and load this data into my elastic index.
The structure did not have any long type, they were all float64. finally force my program (in Go) to transform the data back to float64 and it worked correctly. now all the mapping is float64 and not long.
Why didn't I think about it before? good because I use the ElasticSearch Head extension to see the index and the values if they had the decimals, that is, in the stat panel it had 1.00 and in elastic head 1.23, and the long type mapping.

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