Elasticsearch Basic License Precompiled Beats Downlad for OpenBSD 7.0?

Hello, I have tried (and failed at the make stage) to compile the OSS version of beats on OpenBSD 7.0. I have since discovered that the OSS version does not have the capabilities that I need. What I'm looking for is a precompiled version of beats for OpenBSD under the Elasticsearch basic license. I am not seeing that at the download pages, so this is a bit of a catch22 for me.

Currently, I am running a custom tcpdump command against the pflog0 pseudo-interface, and outputting that to a text file, and bringing it into the filebeats that is in the package system of OpenBSD. It's a little old but works, however, it's OSS and does not have the netflow ability which I'd rather switch to. Hence the catch22.

I am willing to use a different license for pay to obtain such binaries. I believe I have 9 OpenBSD systems. It is for personal use.

We don't officially support BSD, so you won't find any downloads on our pages sorry to say.

Okay, thank you for the response!

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