Latest stable filebeat version for freebsd missing

I am downloading filebeat freebsd binary from but from here i am getting alpha releases, but i want to use filebeat's latest stable version. Can someone give me the location from where i can download the latest stable filebeat freebsd binary.

maybe you can downloading filebeat rpm file from,it is the latest version

Hi Micheal,
This rpm version wont work in freebsd. I tried and it failed with Error: ELF binary type "0" not known.

well, i am also not find any version for freebas

Elastic doesn't provide FreeBSD packages officially. So you won't find FreeBSD packages on the download pages. If you want to run it on FreeBSD then I recommend building from source using the release branch.

The packages located at are built from the master branch (no stability guarantees) whenever a change is committed. They are published by Jenkins for convenience and testing purposes.

Hi andrewkroh,
I tried to clone the repo from the source you gave and ran make in beats/filebeat/ but it ended in failure saying
"../libbeat/scripts/Makefile", line 59: Missing dependency operator
"../libbeat/scripts/Makefile", line 61: Need an operator
"../libbeat/scripts/Makefile", line 64: Missing dependency operator
"../libbeat/scripts/Makefile", line 65: warning: duplicate script for target "ifeq" ignored
"../libbeat/scripts/Makefile", line 66: Need an operator
make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

Procedure followed :
git clone
cd beats/filebeat

I am using go 1.7.1 version

my freebsd version is 8.4 is it that causing the error?

We use GNU Make. Probably on FreeBSD you need to run gmake instead of make.

Yes that worked, Thanks

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