Exec format error. Binary file not executable on FreeBSD

From the following url i downloaded filebeat,
https://download.elastic.co/beats/filebeat/filebeat-1.0.0-darwin.tgz. untarred it and tried to run
filebeat -e -c filebeat.yml -d "publish" as mentioned.
I changed filebeat.yml file to publish logs to log stash instead of elastic search.
But I got Exec format error. Binary file not executable.
I tried the same process on ubuntu 14.04 OS and it worked good, where as if i try this on FreeBSD box i am getting this error. Does file beat has any additional dependencies to run on FreeBSD?

filebeat-1.0.0-darwin.tgz is for Mac OS X, not FreeBSD. To run Filebeat on FreeBSD it appears you have to build it yourself.

You could pull a FreeBSD binary from our Jenkins build. We do not test on FreeBSD and it is not currently one of our officially supported platforms. But let us know if you find any issues.

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