Introduction to Observability: Logging

I'm getting the below error when trying to enable nginx module on filebeat.

elastic@ip-172-31-13-13:~/filebeat-7.8.0-darwin-x86_64$ ./filebeat modules enable nginx
-bash: ./filebeat: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

Can someone please help with this.

Hi @Nhavene

It looks like you are on a Linux instance & trying to run a downloaded MacOS executable, can you check in the lab instructions to make sure you are using the path where you use a Filebeat installed on the local Linux instance

Thank you,

I was using the using the filebeat 7.8 while LAB recommends 7.6.

Hi @Nhavene

In general we'd recommend to use the version aligned with the course. If you wish to download a different version to experiment, you should make sure to use the appropriate architecture, so for example, darwin won't work on a Linux Server or VM as this is built for MacOS


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