[macOS 10.15.7] Cannot execute filebeat, auditbeat, or metricbeat

Cannot run any of these beats. Same error for all of them (below). Using default configuration, except outputting to logstash server. The logstash server is functional, and my Linux beats are outputting to it just fine. These beats were working just fine the other week, so I imagine I glossed over something small.

Updating macOS is not an option

Downgraded to version 8.6.2 and I no longer have this issue.

Either this is an issue, or Catalina no longer works with the newer versions. Catalina is unsupported by Apple, so I guess that's fine :frowning: .

I think I have pieced together the causes in Panic on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 · Issue #173 · elastic/go-sysinfo · GitHub. Thanks for reporting.

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