Topbeat on freebsd

I am trying to monitory my freebsd server, Is there any freebsd compatible version for topbeat ?, I could get freebsd compatible binary for filebeat here
But not for topbeat.

No, the low-level code to pull the data from the OS isn't implemented for FreeBSD.

Can we expect this at all, in the future. Or if Metricbeat is going to replace this topbeat. I want to know, will ever Metricbeat will be implemented as binary to work with freebsd 8.2. As all my production cloud is using freebsd 8.2 and i want to install metricbeat to monitor those, I want to know, whether i can wait on Metricbeat or not.

The Topbeat features are included in Metricbeat. Topbeat will not be released in 5.x.

Metricbeat should be working on FreeBSD now thanks to a contribution from Cockroach Labs. Elastic doesn't provide binaries for FreeBSD so you'll need to build your own binary.

So you are saying now, metricbeat is available for freebsd. Thats great!. But will it work with freebsd 8.2 or only on freebsd 10. And i couldnt find metricbeat in
for freebsd. Can you give me some link, from where i can get metricbeat for freebsd?

See my previous post. Elastic doesn't provide FreeBSD binaries.

I haven't tested it on FreeBSD 8.2 so I don't know. Build it and give it a try. Make sure you mount the procfs compatibility layer.