V7.13.0 breaks OSS distributions

I've only tested with Metricbeat, but I assume most of the beats will be affected in v7.13.0. Connections to OSS distributions of Elasticsearch now fail due to a new license check introduced in libbeat (they throw an error about the _license index). This also affects the OSS beats packages.

I believe this is the commit that introduced the change, in particular, the new global callback:


in the libbeat/cmd/root.go file.

Happy to raise a GH issue, but when I went to open one up it said to post here first.

Hello Dan,

Which ElasticSearch version do you have?

The Change was communicated in the breaking changes:

In this release, Elastic is enabling a licensing change that was broadly communicated earlier in 2021 (Licensing FAQ). This change would imply that 7.13 instances of Beats would fail to connect to 7.10 or earlier open source distributions of Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Reading this I would guess you are running ElasticSearch 7.10 or earlier.

Best regards

Hi Wolfram,

Thanks for those links; that is indeed the issue.


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