Elasticsearch can get field name and matchquery for no store field?

I used elasticsearch for multi fields searche,in order to faster search speed is not established field store, so I could not get the matching field name and matches query, which is very useful for multi fields matching searches.
Moreover, it seems that these two information can be obtained on the no-store fields,Why not support that?


I do not understand, what this has to do with stored fields and faster search. Can you elaborate or come up with an example?

If you need to find out, which query matched, you need to use named queries


thanks for the suggest,
for example, I have hundreds of fields,I used Prefix s_ for all fields,so I can use multi-match with s_* to matchs all the fields.
I use other database store the data,to get data faster and search faster,and some time I need search and get data in diffrent time, so I don't store the fields .
I wan't to find fileld which is matched and what query is matched ,it seems that named queries is useless.

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