Elasticsearch client and DSL for Haskell released

There was a very minimal set of bindings previously available (from
acid2/ocharles) but I felt the Elasticsearch DSL merited a proper sketching
out via Haskell types for ease of use and explicitness.

I decided to release now because I think the core set of functionality
people use on a regular basis is covered and well tested, I used the Scala
client elastic4s as an initial guideline but decided to exceed it in
coverage. I wrote this library for my own use and also as a way to
structure and document the data structures the ES Query DSL uses. One idea
I've was to lift Elasticsearch errors into types rather than leaving them
as HTTP responses, which they currently are. I must say, writing this
library in Haskell was a real pleasure. Having the types catch the vast
majority of my mistakes saved me a lot of time as I went.

I'd love API feedback and any questions anyone has.

Chris Allen

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