Elasticsearch Cluster design - Need help

Hi guys,

I am in a process to design a Elastic Stack and also Elasticsearch cluster.

I need your recommendations and expertise, please:

I have three VMs ( RedHat) and my plan is to install Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Kafka on all of these three servers.

Elasticsearch Cluster: ( only one cluster ) - We are using Elastic for Log management.
VM1: Master, Data, Ingest nodes
VM2: Master-eligible, Data, Ingest nodes
VM3: Master-eligible, Data, Ingest nodes

I want to install logstash on all three servers, however, I do not know how to configure them for ocnsistency and balancing load between them, since all of these three wil lconnect to a same Elasticsearch cluster

I want to install Kibana on all three servers. For end user access, I can configure a Loadbalanacer, however, I do not know how to configure Kibana nodes to connect to Elasticsearch cluster for consistency and ...

Have you guys have any experience how to make this scenario possible? Or if there is any other recommendations, please

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