General question about Elasticsearch cluster

Hi, I am using ELK 8, if I have 4 servers with Logstash and one of them have also additionally Elasticsearch and Kibana...

..and if I will create Elasticsearch cluster, can each of Logstash report to local Elasticsearch and it will be replicated on all of them? Is this some special kind of cluster configuration? When each is reporting to local instance?

Will I have have access to all data from this single Kibana which connects to own local Elasticsearch instance (when others will be in same cluster)?

Do I need some special configuration for such cluster? I DON'T need high availability, only performance as my data isn't important so much (I can load it again from json's) but main need for cluster is performance.

How should I do such configuration? Elasticsearch due apt-get install create all accounts / generate certificates. I guess all Elasticsearch instances should have same certificate?

Thank you for your help.

If the Elasticsearch nodes are a single cluster, then yes it'll do that with no extra config needed.

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