Elasticsearch cluster in Docker Swarm

Its better to deploy 3 services with 1 replica connected to cluster, or deploy 1 service with 3 replicas?
There are minimum informations about elasticsearch cluster in docker. I dont know how to aproach to this problem. Can anyone help ?

Case 1.) - 3 services / 1 replica (1 docker swarm master, 2 workers)
-possible to configure different settings for each node

Case 2.) 1 service / 3 replicas (1 docker swarm master, 2 workers)
-what about persistent data ? Data will be copied 3x ? Or have anyone experience with glusterfs?
-there will be a problem with publicating port ? ingress vs publishing port. DNSRR.

I don not need to expose elastic port. Logstash will be in same network and it will have port exposed.
-. also same for kibana, i will use elastic in coordinate mode i guess.

Is this context, should I go with 3 master elastic nodes? (each: 4x E5-2690 v3 @ 2.60GHz ,16gb ram, 1GiB - 500GiB daily data traffic).

Or how to design infrastructure in this case?

Thanks for help.

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