Elasticsearch cluster IP change without downtime


I'm running a cluster with:

2 coordinator nodes
3 master nodes
13 data nodes

Version 6.1.3. Each shard in the cluster has 1 replica.

I need to change the IP of all the nodes.

Is it possible to do it without downtime?

I can easily add a second network interface to the master and coordinators nodes.

Can I make the master and coordinator nodes work on both network interfaces at the same time, and then change the IP of the data nodes one at the time?


No, that will not work without a restart of the node. The publish_host is fixed at startup time, and the rest of the system relies on this being fixed. Making this more flexible would require major changes to the way the system works, something not likely to be worked on in the foreseeable future.

I would avoid trying to have nodes listen on multiple interfaces, but I think you can do what you want with a rolling restart, changing each node's IP address while it's restarting.

Gotcha. I'm gonna go for the rolling restart then.
The reason I asked is because the new set of IPs is on the other side of a firewall, and I was trying to avoid opening ports in the firewall for the inter-cluster communications while I change the IPs one at the time.
Thanks guys!

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