Replacing the IP address of two nodes in the elasticsearch cluster

Hi, everyone! I have a cluster of 6 nodes. And I needed to change the IP addresses of two nodes. I have taken the following steps:

  1. I connected to the node where I need to change the IP address, performed a disable shard allocation, then stopped non-essential indexing and perform a synced flush, and stopped the elasticsearch service, after the stop command, the cluster status turned yellow.
  2. Next, I changed the IP address on the VM and in the elasticsearch configuration (along the path /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml.)
  3. I started the virtual machine, then the elastic started. I checked the node, node entered the cluster with a new IP address.
  4. After I allowed shard allocation, the cluster status turned green.
  5. Next, I also changed the address on the remaining node.
    Dear, please tell me, is it right to change IP addresses in this way? As you understand, the cluster remains working, but in the yellow status, and after starting elasticsearch with the new IP address of the node, the cluster turns green.

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