Changing the cluster name

(MJay) #1

Elasticsearch version: 5.4.3

I have a single node elasticsearch server and already have few millions of documents indexed. I want to add another node and want to have it as two nodes cluster. While doing so I want to change the cluster name. Let me know is there any implication of changing the cluster name and the precautions needs to be taken.

(David Pilato) #2

Yes you can change the cluster name.

I just tested locally that running bin/elasticsearch still works and you can still have access to your data.

I'd do this in two steps though:

  1. Update the cluster name, restart node1
  2. Check
  3. Start a new node using that cluster name as well.

(MJay) #3

Great. Thanks David for your quick reply.

(MJay) #4

Now I have another cluster where I have to change the cluster name. But it has more nodes - Master, Hot and warm nodes, Coordinating nodes including Kibana. So what should be the sequence in which the nodes needs to be restarted after the change in cluster name.

(David Pilato) #5

If you want to change the cluster name, the best thing to do is a full cluster restart.

(MJay) #6

Sure. Thanks.

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