Renaming clusters in ES 5.x

Hi there,

Have been messing with ELK for a few months now, and finally getting around to deploying.

being that i wish to use the server in production, with nodes for SSD/HDD I'm due to expand out of the single VM.
So, spun up the new machines to load my data nodes on, started setting things up.

Struck me once i changed the existing node with about 30GB of data, soon as i change the, the data is gone.

Now logic says, quick google to the rescue! - it would seem the clustername in the data folder was removed as of 5.x

At this point I'm stuck wondering, do i just roll with the default name and cringe just a little, do i migrate data then migrate back to the intended master/ingest?

I must note, before anyone jumps to it... Stack is purely used within the home, server monitoring, modem monitoring etc

Any ideas on changing the name would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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