ES 2.0 rename cluster

(Rene) #1

My ES cluster consists of 1 node (so far). If I want to rename the cluster, is it sufficient to adjust the clustername in elasticsearch.yml, or do I have to more?
And is it the same when changing a node name?

(Niraj Kumar) #2

That is enough to rename it

(David Pilato) #3

Not if you have data already. You also need to rename the dir Inside data.

(Rene) #4

I've been looking for a data dir, but I'm unable to find it. Where is it supposed to be?

(David Pilato) #5


(Rene) #6

Ok thanks, I read that already, but I suppose not close enough. I searched the system for a directory named "data", but I think (since I use debian), that the directory "elasticsearch" in /var/lib/elasticsearch is the clustername.
I try renaming this directory on my test system first :smile:

(system) #7