How can I move data when renaming the

for expanding the es cluster, I add another node and change the default and in elasticsearch.yml file of current node, but all the data are in default cluster "elasticsearch", how can I move all the data to the new naming cluster. "beecloud" is the new cluster name in the graph, just copy all the file under "elasticsearch" to "beecloud" ?

the data folder of old node

If the correct way is to copy, copy both 0 and 1 to "beecloud" ?

Thanks for advance!

(Assuming you have a backup of the data) Just rename (move) the elasticsearch directory to beecloud.

thanks very much, another, my new added node doesn't obtain any shards, the total 5 shards are still in the old node "node-1", the new ndoe "node-2" seems not receiver any shaards, so I want to ask why? and what does that mean by different color of shards?

Thanks a lot!

The lighter ones are replicas. Give it time and they will be ok.

The lighter ones I marked are replicas ? the darker in node- is primary shards? but the lighter ones I marked in node-1 were already be there before "node-2" was added. And what about the grey ones 1 and 2 ?

Hi Walkom,
thanks for your help, another question, why there are no shards in my old node for some index after adding two nodes? see the graph below

Not sure, check your logs perhaps? It may be moving them over if the node was just restarted? Do you have enough disk space on them?