Elasticsearch cluster Maintenance and Email Notifications

Hi fellows

There is an article https://www.elastic.co/blog/how-many-shards-should-i-have-in-my-elasticsearch-cluster which recommends on the questions: “How many shards should I have?” and “How large should my shards be?”.

We're implementing the Deployment solution, which automatically propagate SQL Server data into Elasticsearch multi tenant shared-index. As the number of our clients grows, Elasticsearch data grows as well.

So as I get it, we need some kind of periodic Maintenance of Elasticsearch cluster to follow the recommendations of the mentioned article.

I don't want to manually run the dedicated "stats"-queries in Kibana Console to make sure Elasticsearch cluster is just fine.

Is there already implemented solution for Elastic Cloud, which monitors the number and size of Shards and e.g. sends Email Notifications?

As Elasticsearch can be used for a very wide range of use-cases, there are as far as know of no notifications generated around shard count and sizes. This is however something you can set up yourself as Elastic Cloud supports Alerting.

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