Elasticsearch Cluster setup Issue

I tried to setup Elasticsearch cluster in my local LAB.

Setup Scenario :

Server 1 :
IP :
Cluster Name : mycluster
Node name : Node_2

Server 2 :
IP :
Cluster Name : mycluster
Node name : Node_1

Inserted some document in Server 1. But it doesn't replicated in Server 2. Rather than , it shows "Unassigned" option when view the Elasticsearch using head plugin [ ].

Nodes are not seeing each other.

What is your version?
What can you see in logs?
Check the network connections.
What is your elasticsearch.yml?

I guess your nodes are not able to ping with each other. Check the firewall settings or simply add Inbound rules & Outbound rules for ports 9200 & 9300 respectively on nodes. :slight_smile:

@pandiyancool ,, , No , Your guess is wrong :smile: .

The problem is fixed, its due to multicast option was set to False on one of the node configuration file.

We do recommend the use of unicast, ES 2.0 will move multicast to a plugin and we will default to unicast instead.

oh okay. I will change settings. will get back to u incase of any issues

Mark Walkom noreply@discuss.elastic.co wrote:

OK great !!!

@warkolm , As per your suggestion , I have changed my settings to unicast. But still have some confusion on data update.

Now, both cluster nodes are shown when check it over head plugin. Then I tried to post some data into in one of the nodes [ ex, updated in Node_2 cluster ]. I could see the same data on Node_3 cluster.

but, when I check the cluster status through head plugin, it shows cluster health in Yellow color. Can you please give some explanation from the above screenshot ? . When cluster health is in Yellow state and why still Unassigned is there ?

Shared : 5
replica : 1

Yellow means you have unassigned replicas.
Why? You should check your logs to see if there is something keeping them from being allocated.

Yeah, I checked my logs already. But couldn't find anything suspicious.

Here is the log
[2015-09-21 08:51:14,662][INFO ][node ] [Node_2] initialized
[2015-09-21 08:51:14,662][INFO ][node ] [Node_2] starting ...
[2015-09-21 08:51:14,776][INFO ][transport ] [Node_2] bound_address {inet[/0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:9300]}, publish_address {inet[/x.x.x.x:9300]}
[2015-09-21 08:51:14,786][INFO ][discovery ] [Node_2] mycluster/v10zYWrHSGSX9nyXLeNg8w
[2015-09-21 08:51:17,803][INFO ][cluster.service ] [Node_2] new_master [Node_2][v10zYWrHSGSX9nyXLeNg8w][logstash.example.com][inet[/x.x.x.x:9300]], reason: zen-disco-join (elected_as_master)
[2015-09-21 08:51:17,842][INFO ][http ] [Node_2] bound_address {inet[/0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:9200]}, publish_address {inet[/]}
[2015-09-21 08:51:17,843][INFO ][node ] [Node_2] started
[2015-09-21 08:51:17,869][INFO ][gateway ] [Node_2] recovered [0] indices into cluster_state
[2015-09-21 08:51:22,476][INFO ][cluster.service ] [Node_2] added {[Node_3][MD1MbBxmQNesAt0sFA5wig][localhost][inet[/x.x.x.x:9300]],}, reason: zen-disco-receive(join from node[[Node_3][MD1MbBxmQNesAt0sFA5wig][localhost][inet[/x.x.x.x:9300]]])
[2015-09-21 08:51:35,169][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Node_2] [mybucket] creating index, cause [api], shards [5]/[1], mappings [doc]

One more question, Why Node_2 shows only 1 and 3. Remaining [ 0,2,4] are shown as Unassigned. Please give some more detail about that.

Any idea ?

Are the nodes running the same version of Elasticsearch?

No. Each node is running on separate versions

Node 1 version: 1.3.7
Node 2 version : 1.5.2

I don't think that version compatibility is the problem here. Could you please confirm it ?.

Mixed version clusters are not supported for long term use. You should only have a mixed version cluster while upgrading, but you should strive to upgrade all node to the same version as soon as possible.

Elasticsearch will not assign replicas to a node which is on an older version than the node holding the primary shard(s). This is why your replicas are unassigned, you need to upgrade node 1 to be on the same version as node 2.