Elasticsearch cluster snapshot failed with PARTIAL

(Tharaka) #1

I used elasticsearch-curator and python script to create snapshot. Script worked fine few months and after some issue had on one Elasticsearch node there were some unassigned shards in the ES cluster.

After the observation of unassigned shards, the snapshot script failed with PARTIAL state while creating the snapshot.

In my script I have add "partial=True" parameter as below.

snap_indicies = curator.Snapshot(ilo, REPOSITORY, INDEX_NAME, partial=True, skip_repo_fs_check=True,ignore_unavailable=True, wait_for_completion=True)

But that parameter doesn't fixed the issue.


How do I fix this PARTIAL state issue and create a proper snapshot for indices

(David Turner) #2

I would start by checking the logs for an explanation of why the snapshots are failing.

(system) #3

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