Snapshots: State: Partial failure (?)


Example of a snapshot error in Elasticsearch:

Global cluster state was stored, but at least one shard wasn't stored successfully...

Shards: 10
Failed Shards: 2

From what I understand, the system in this case has made a correct snapshot on 8 shards?

If I want to have 10/10 shard successfully, do I have to remove the old snapshot (partial failure) and make a new one from the beginning?

Is it possible to make a snapshot "complementary" to these 2 shards with a partial failure? The system would only complete the error shards.

How does it look like? :slight_smile:

Yes, just take another snapshot. Elasticsearch will re-use any successfully-snapshotted data and will only copy to the repository anything that's missing.

Once you have a fully successful snapshot you can safely delete the partial one.

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