Elasticsearch Cluster status is Yellow

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Hi Everyone here!
I need your help as possible you can. Can you tell me why this appear in the Monotoring and How can I fix it step by step.
Thanks for your time!

(Nathan Reese) #2

The Yellow status means that there is a risk of losing data if something goes wrong with your shards.

To get it green you should add another node to your cluster

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I get it! But how or where I have to add another cluster? This is my real question?

Thanks for your time!

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Here is a link to the elasticsearch getting started guide that provides details on setting up a cluster https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/5.6/setup.html

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Muchas gracias!! THANKS!!
Que tengas una feliz tarde! Have a nice afternoon!! :man_mechanic:t3::genie:

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