Elasticsearch Cluster | Total Shards number of Cluster not matching addition of individual shards number of nodes


I am using kibana to monitor and visualize my Elastic Cluster.
As I see, the total number of shards in Cluster is 1242 where as the addition of shards of individual nodes is different. Each of my three data nodes are 828 which adds up to 2484 shards. Which is exactly the double of total shards present in Cluster.

I am going to guess that every one of your indices has one replica, so you have 1242 primary shards in the cluster and 1242 replicas, adding up to 2484. Admittedly this does seem to be confusingly inconsistent.

Your average shard is 115MB and contains ~16000 documents, which is pretty tiny. You should try and have fewer, larger, shards:

Thanks David for the response

1242 is the total shards including both primary and replica shards.

In which case I don't understand what the UI is saying. Can you share the full output of GET _cluster/health and GET _cat/shards? The latter will be quite large so you may need to use https://gist.github.com.

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