Elasticsearch concurrent request handling with optimistic locking in Java UpdateRequest with Upsert

Concurrent request handling

I have one use case where application can get concurrent requests to update single document.
Earlier I was using IndexRequest with External versionining but IndexRequest I was facing problem that it was replacing the old document with new document rather than updating old document.



But with IndexRequest external versioning was working but to be honest I find it bit cumbersome.

Neverthless, Now I thought to use UpdateRequest which will create the document with givenId or update the document(rather than replacning).

        UpdateRequest updateRequest = new UpdateRequest(elasticSearchConfiguration.getIndexName(), id);
        updateRequest.doc(objectMapper.convertValue(object, Map.class));
        restHighLevelClient.update(updateRequest, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);

I am not able to understand how elasticsearch API will handles the concurrent request and throw VersionConflict exception. As per my initial testing, I don't think UpdateRequest is helping .

Any help would be great like how to best handle the concurrent request with elasticsearch (if possible not manual optimistic locking)

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