Elasticsearch configuration

Hello everyone,

I am new to elasticsearch as well as lucene and was hoping someone could
give me some insight into how to get a "master/slave" setup configuration
with some other options as well. Here is what I'm trying to do.

Create a cluster with capabilities of adding new nodes via amazon EC2 using
S3 gateway. This I have successfully done with no problems. Elasticsearch
provided great docs on how to do so.

I would like to have a single "master" with two failover "slaves" on three
amazon boxes. All data would be written to the master and replicated to
the slaves.

Then, I would like to be able to fire up new boxes and have some processes
running that would write data to the master which in turn would replicate
to every node in my cluster. Each node that is not one of the
master/slave boxes would never become master but be able to recieve the
push replication to it so I could read the data locally.

Any help is greatly appreciated on how to properly configure the
elasticsearch.yaml file to acheive this setup.




there is no such thing like manual master/slave replication. And there is
even no master concept regarding indexing. Elasticsearch nodes do
replication for you automatically. If you have more than one node started,
and you have replica level set to 1 (which is the default), or greater than
1, you can observe how Elasticsearch distributes the shards across your
nodes. You can push data to any node in the cluster, Elasticsearch will
route the documents for you to the right node. Regardless to what node you
push documents, the documents will be distributed evenly across your shards
in the cluster. If you add more nodes, Elasticsearch will automatically
move shards across nodes to ensure evenly distributed distribution. The
higher the replica level you have chosen, the more nodes may be allowed to
fail without service interruption.




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