Elasticsearch cluster automatic master


Currently I have a single instance of elasticsearch and would like to setup an elasticsearch cluster to increase availability and throughput. I've done some research and would appreciate if someone could confirm my understand and answer the one question I have.

I want a 3 node cluster:

  • 1 as master only
  • 2 as master+data

With this setup ideally master only will do the "administrative" work and the 2 master+data will be available for CRUD operations.

However, in case master only goes down then 1 of the two master+data will automatically be master for the time being.

My question is, when the master only node becomes available again will the cluster automatically make it the master again even though there is already a master+data node as master ? Or do I have to manually make the master only node master again in that scenario ?



I don't think there is any API BTW which does that but I might be wrong. Others can comment.
I believe this is the intention of this demand:

@dadoonet thanks, although not what I wanted to hear. Was hoping to avoid manually getting things back in order.

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