Set Static Master Node in Elasticsearch Cluster


I have a 3 Node Elasticsearch. I have set the discovery.seed_hosts: ["Node1", "Node2", "Node3"] and cluster.initial_master_nodes: ["Node1"]. What is the configuration if I want the master node " Node1" to be re-elected automatically if the Node1 becomes available again after shutting down.

Hi Hasmine you can refer this link maybe this can help you .

You can not control that and any master node can be elected at any time. You should not look to control this. What is the reason you think this is necessary/wise?

Hi @Yatharth_Singh, will check this. Thank you!

Hi @Christian_Dahlqvist, I have an application sourcing to Elasticsearch. Should I point only the master node or should I point all the nodes to the application?

The active master node is not involved in the indexing or query flow - it just monitor and manages the cluster state. All clients should be configured with all nodes so they can send requests across the cluster.

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