Two node cluster elasticsearch


I've set up a cluster with two Elasticsearch nodes, but when the primary node fails, the secondary node doesn't automatically assume the role of the master. So, my question is, should I configure the secondary node as the master manually when the primary node goes down, or is it supposed to happen automatically? I suspect that it's not feasible with two nodes. So my question do you think setting it manually will be a solution or also not feasible.

Do you have any idea ?
Thanks in advance

In order to have a highly available cluster that can handle the failure of one node you need at least 3 master eligible nodes. You can not achieve this with just 2 nodes.

So do you think trying to set the second node manually as master it will not be a good solution ?

With two node cluster you can have only one master, if the master goes down you need to bring it up, there is no solution to this.

If you want a high available cluster you need at least 3 nodes, you can not do that with 2 nodes.

Thank you!!

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