Elasticsearch Connection Error

I have physical server with elasticsearch installed and from another computer I try to connect the elasticsearch with this code:

const esClient = new Client({node: 'https://my-ip-address:5621', auth: {username: 'elastic', password: 'mypassword'}, 
caFingerprint: "91:9F:49:82:A0:5D:5A:2E:FA:3D..."
tls: {rejectUnauthorized: false}})

I got this error: Error pinging server: ConnectionError: Invalid or malformed certificate

I generated this fingerprint from the server, in the server there is a container for elasticsearch and from /config/certs/ca.crt and /config/certs/elasticsearch.crt. Both fingerprints didn't work. Can anyone help me please?
Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 12.31.12

Hi @Burak_Karatay,

Thanks for sharing. It looks like an invalid certificate issue.

How are you getting a hold of the fingerprint? Are you following the command steps from here in the documentation?

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