Elasticsearch + couchdb

I have an elasticsearch cluster setup with 2 nodes and it's using the
couchdb river to index data from a single couchdb instance. This is running
on EC2 and I have a load balancer setup on the elasticsearch cluster. I'm
wondering if I can create another couchdb instance and cluster them
together using bi-directional replication, and then point the couchdb river
setup at the couchdb load balancer endpoint

For example-

ES Cluster:
hosts: elasticsearch-1, elasticsearch-2
load balancer endpoint: elasticsearch-lb

Couchdb Cluster:
hosts: couchdb-1, couchdb-2
load balancer endpoint: couchdb-lb

Then setup river like:

curl -XPUT 'localhost:9200/_river/my_db/_meta' -d '{ "type" : "couchdb", "couchdb" : { "host" : "couchdb-lb", "port" : 5984, "db" : "my_db", "filter" : null }, "index" : { "index" : "my_db", "type" : "my_db", "bulk_size" : "100", "bulk_timeout" : "10ms" }}'

Anyone know if this setup will work?

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