Elasticsearch curator connection failure?


My indices are

When i want to delete the indices that are older than 4 days it is showing connection failure.
Today date is 2017-03-03
I don't have any username and pwd?

C:\Users\Yaswanth>curator --host 9200 delete indices --older-than 4 --time-unit da
ys --timestring '%Y-%m-%d' --prefix data
2017-03-03 18:49:19,461 INFO      Job starting: delete indices
2017-03-03 18:49:28,548 ERROR     Connection failure.

But i can able to view the indices without any connection failure..

Please read the curator documentation.
9200 is the port, not the host.

Thanks..i got that

C:\Users\571952>curator --host localhost --port 9200 show indices --older-than 4
 --time-unit days --timestring '%Y-%m-%d' --prefix data
2017-03-03 19:11:37,437 INFO      Job starting: show indices
2017-03-03 19:11:37,453 WARNING   No indices matched provided args: {'all_indice
s': False, 'index': (), 'closed_only': False, 'exclude': (), 'older_than': 4, 's
uffix': None, 'newer_than': None, 'regex': None, 'prefix': 'data', 'time
_unit': 'days', 'timestring': "'%Y-%m-%d'"}
No indices matched provided args: {'all_indices': False, 'index': (), 'closed_on
ly': False, 'exclude': (), 'older_than': 4, 'suffix': None, 'newer_than': None,
'regex': None, 'prefix': 'data', 'time_unit': 'days', 'timestring': "'%Y

Rather than showing data-2017-02-22,data-2017-02-23 indices ,i am getting no indices matched..Why?


What version of Elasticsearch? Please upgrade to Curator 4.2.6 unless you are using Elasticsearch 1.x. I don't support Curator 3.x anymore.

i am using ES 2.4.1.
what is the problem with my above code?

I can't tell, exactly. A lot of issues have been resolved since Curator 3.x, though, and the error messages will be easier to read.

1)Based on your suggestion i downloaded the Curator 4.2.6 for windows directly from Elasticco . But based on Documenatation in Elastic curator will search for --config file in the location C:\Users\username\.curator\curator.yml but i can t able see any thing in that location.
2)When executing curator curator [--config CONFIG.YML] [--dry-run] ACTION_FILE.YML
in the place of --config i have to give configfile.yml file location
in the place of action i have to give actionfile.yml file location
can i store any where these config and action files and provide path of it is enough?

ex: curator [c:\config.yml] [--dry.run] c:\action.yml

I am new to this curator ..


You can also use the singleton action command, curator_cli, which is more like the Curator 3.x way of doing things. The major difference is that you need to format your --filter_list to be a JSON string.

Using singleton action command can i able to send the indices that are older than 3 days, as a snapshot to my azure account.

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