Elasticsearch - Curator -Rollover+Aliasing - Is it expected?


I'm using curator 5.5 for rollover.

When I try to rollover on alias, it does rollover based on condition. To add additional alias to the new indice due to rollover, I used extra_settings. Though the new indice is associated to the alias as in extra settings, it removes the alias from exisiting indice. Why?

Let us say I have indice named i-000001 with aliases "active", and "all". If I rollover on active (USING CURATOR), it rollover nicely to i-000002, and associates alias "all" to it. But "all" is removed from i-000001. Shouldn't both i-000001 and i-000002 has the alias "all". The intent it to have new indice also be part of the alias.

I have to use explict "alias" action now to resolve it. But, it would unnecessarily get all indices if I have multiple rollovers done with.

Any suggestions (or) it is a known behavior of curator

This is the expected behavior of Rollover API. The alias will always point to the latest index.

Rollover API can never be aware that there is an alias (named all) with a special rule in which needs to be treated differently. So any alias will be treated as a regular alias and that means that will always point to the latest index.

Hi Thiago,

Agreed that RolloverAPI should rollover the alias that is used for rolling over. But the issue here is around the alias in extra_settings of the curator config. This is not the alias that is rolled-over rather an additional alias that needs to be added to new indice that is created because of rollover action.

This is not Curator, but the Elasticsearch API at work here. Curator only passes the extra_settings to the Rollover API call. If any alias oddity is going on, it's something that Elasticsearch is doing, not Curator.

With that said, I do not know why this might be removing an established alias. What do you actually have in your extra_settings block?

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