Curator Rollover ignores max_docs condition

(Peter Bøndum) #1


I have setup a curator job to rollover my index every 2.000.000 docs. But curator keeps making the rollover every 1.000.000 docs.

My action file:

    action: rollover
    description: "Rollover the index associated with alias 'active-logs'"
      disable_action: false
      name: active-logs
        max_docs: 2000000
      continue_if_exception: False

any idea why this is happening


(Aaron Mildenstein) #2

Curator is only forwarding the API call. What do you see if you send this in Console or curl?

Also, I believe that Elasticsearch counts all copies of your documents, so replicas make a difference to the count. 2,000,000 would be 1,000,000 if you have 1 replica shard.

(Peter Bøndum) #3

@theuntergeek That makes perfect sense. We have 1 replica shard on the specific index.
Thank you very much

(Aaron Mildenstein) #4

It's not supposed to do that, of course, but for now it is. See this issue.

(Peter Bøndum) #5

I will just subscribe to the issue so we don't get caught in creating doubled indexes after an upgrade :slight_smile:


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