Elasticsearch data directory

Is there a reason why a new directory was created for the elasticsearch data indices.

When elasticsearch was initially installed, it create a path ../data/elasticsearch/../nodes/0

Now i see ../data/elasticsearch/../nodes/1 as well.

My schema got all messed up because now its pointing to ../nodes/1 where the mapping is using the default.

My question is what triggers creating the new directory and is there a way were i can tell it not to create a new directory?

You started another node from the same dir with same settings.

This will fail in 5.x series now BTW.

oh..so for a clusters, each nodes should have its own name...I think i used the same path..

i meant have its own unique path.

You should not run more than one node on a physical machine, unless you have more than 64gb of RAM.

That's why it's now blocked by default on elasticsearch 5.0 so you don't run a second node by mistake.

I'm not following..

I currently run elasticsearch on 2 nodes. I get a primary and secondary shard. If i only run elasticsearch on one node, i lose redundancy. I want the redundancy.

But in your case you ran 2 elasticsearch nodes on one physical machine.
Don't do that and run only one elasticsearch node per physical machine.

hmm...how could i run 2 elasticsearch nodes on one physical machine? I guess thats the part i'm confused about.

how could i prevent multiple elasticsearch nodes on one physical system? Is there a setting that I could set to prevent this?

5.x has that out of the box. If you are starting a new project, please use that version.
If not, consider upgrading.

On a mobile ATM so can't really tell but I think you have something like max local storage option.

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