Should I set to the same dir if run more than one instance in one node?

Hi everyone,

I run two instances in one node with the different "" , but something goes very bad, the cluster always want to rebalance the shard number, not the data storage size, is it the correct way to do this ?

if I set both of instance with the same "", will they work well ?

node.max_local_storage_nodes make me so confused.



I don't understand the use case.

1st, don't create more than one node per machine. Unless you have more than 64 Gb of RAM, this is useless
2nd, if you create 2 nodes on the same machine, yes it's better that they have all their own data dir. In which case you will end up copying the same data again in both dirs (if you have a 2 nodes cluster).

But please explain what you are doing so we can give better advices.

Thank you @dadoonet. The second suggestion answered the question, Thanks a lot !

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