Multiple data paths in data node

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I have 6 Data Nodes. And I want to use multiple data paths for saving the data of all nodes.

So how many paths shall I mention in each node's elasticsearch.yml file?


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Hi @Dibyakanta

You can configure it as follows: [ /mnt/path_1, /mnt/path_2, /mnt/path_3 ]

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Thanks for the reply.

But as I have 6 data nodes. So what I am asking is how many paths should I mention in each node's yml file?

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On each node you can have 2 devices. Remembering that the disks do not work as a failover, the data is stored on both disks. I recommend you to take care of balancing issues when using mult path,
typically each segment is stored on each partition, not exactly how this works if you need to merge the data.

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Is there any hard and fast rule that for each node I must use 2 devices.
Or is it your recommendation.

Can you help me with how shards and replicas are distributed over multiple data paths. I have 5 shards and 1 replica for each node.

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