Multiple for one elastic data node

Explain me please, how to work elastic data node if I set multiple with different volumes.
For explain, I set [/path/for/data1, /path/for/data2, /path/for/data3] where
/path/for/data1 - 1Tb
/path/for/data2 - 2Tb
/path/for/data3 - 3Tb

How will the elastic fill these catalogs?
I did not find this information in the documentation?

Does anyone know how this works?

It is not the case of if path1 is full then it starts writing to path2, no.

Please see here: Important Elasticsearch configuration | Elasticsearch Reference [6.1] | Elastic

If i have 1Tb data in data1 path and 1Tb data in data2 path and 1Tb data in data3 path.
how will elastic work further?

Please see my last post. Elasticsearch will not write just to one (data1 path) until it is full and then write to another, no. All paths will be utilised.

I understand that elastic use all data path. But if one of the path less than another data path, means a smaller path is filled faster than other paths. It is not clear how the elastic will work on?

how to shard balance beetween multuple path?

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