Elasticseach multi data path,every shard only stored into one data path

when i use Elasticsearch to store my data,i have a Confuse,every Elasticsearch process I have config multi data path,but I find every shard of indices is only stored one data path,I want to know if one shard can be stored in multiple data directories, is it appropriate?

No it cannot do that.

Please also note that this approach is deprecated and will be removed in 8.0 - Important Elasticsearch configuration | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic

ok,thanks,but i want to kown the reason why the multi data path setting will be removed

Take a look at Deprecate and remove Multiple Data Paths · Issue #71205 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub

thanks,I see

Note that it has been reintroduced in 8.0 to leave the existing users enough time to migrate. :wink:

See Restore Multiple Data Paths for 8.0 · Issue #78525 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub

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ok ,thanks

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