Elasticsearch disk usage issue

Hello! i have a strange issue in my elasticsearch cluster
so i have 5 nodes ( 4 data and masters and 1 master only node )
so each node has 5.7 tb disk space on it
but on the first node my disk is almost completely full, and on the rest it is half full
the number of shards on all nodes is approximately the same

df -h from first node

/dev/mapper/vg1-data  5.8T  5.1T  717G  88% /var/lib/elasticsearch

and here is /cat/shards output

shards disk.indices disk.used disk.avail disk.total disk.percent host        ip          node
   354          5tb       5tb    714.9gb      5.7tb           87 elastic-01
   392        3.2tb     3.2tb      2.5tb      5.7tb           55 elastic-02
   393        3.8tb     3.8tb      1.8tb      5.7tb           67 elastic-07
   392        3.9tb     3.9tb      1.7tb      5.7tb           69 elastic-06

i tried summing the results from cat/shards | grep elastic-01 and it turned out that all shards on this node occupy 3.5 tb

but why does both elastic and du -hs show that more space is being used?
du -hs inside /var/lib/elasticsearch shows 5.1 tb too

5.1T nodes
4.0K range

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