Storage not free by ELastic

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I have 4 nodes in elasticsearch and the shards are equally distributed across nodes, and still seems that elastic use more space on some of the nodes.

shards disk.indices disk.used disk.avail disk.percent host ip node
351 3.9tb 4.2tb 1.6tb 5.8tb 71 LOGS-ES-NODE-1
350 3.9tb 4tb 1.7tb 5.8tb 69 LOGS-ES-NODE-2
351 3.9tb 5.1tb 727.2gb 5.9tb 87 LOGS-ES-NODE-3
350 3.9tb 5.1tb 782.7gb 5.8tb 87 LOGS-ES-NODE-4

As we see here for example on node 4 ~350 shards of 3.9TB is using 5.1 tb , and same amount of shards on node 2 it is usin 4 tb.
So my question why on node 4 elasticsearch does not have the same amount of free disk space, since those 4 nodes has the same capacity?
How can I troubleshoot this?


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