Elasticsearch document count going down

Now i using elasticsearch 5.5 on AWS

I have mapping with about 163000 document.
and i don't delete any document, but after one day i have lost about 2000 document without reason, i don't know why.

I checked Monitoring on console aws for make sure no any document have deleted. and i don't see any document deleted on log.

anyone have same problem like me? or anyone know what case will be affected to lost document.

Thank you advance.

Which index has less documents? Is it the monitoring index by any chance?

i using query for see result

    "query": {
        "match_all": {}

and total is going down, but i don't delete any document.

    "total": 164297

So if you are query all indices, there is an automatic deletion of monitoring data in X-Pack Basic. That is may be what you are seeing?

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