Documents disappearing?

Hellow guys ! My post & 1st question here, be kind to me :stuck_out_tongue:

So here's my problem : we have multiple indices, but the primary and bigger one is starting to lose documents by the seconds I'm talking here. (2 years of data with nearly 5-6millions documents per month).

Elasticsearch version is 5.6.4 if I remember correctly. I was doing some stuff to integrate new documents into another index, and when I checked everything I realized that I was losing like 1 doc every 1-2second litteraly. It was supposed to be a bulk insert, with only create as command so I'm pretty sure there's no problem here (This code is being used since more than 1 year, I just changed the way our ID is formatted actually and again, in other index which is getting new document as wanted)

I tried checking the task list with

GET _tasks
"nodes": {
"2kn_tachR7iI36EcBn__1Q": {
"name": "Sentinel-prod-ELK04",
"transport_address": "",
"host": "",
"ip": "",
"roles": [
"tasks": {
"2kn_tachR7iI36EcBn__1Q:1351920880": {
"node": "2kn_tachR7iI36EcBn__1Q",
"id": 1351920880,
"type": "direct",
"action": "cluster:monitor/tasks/lists[n]",
"start_time_in_millis": 1549378356810,
"running_time_in_nanos": 84030,
"cancellable": false,
"parent_task_id": "2kn_tachR7iI36EcBn__1Q:1351920879"
"2kn_tachR7iI36EcBn__1Q:1351920879": {
"node": "2kn_tachR7iI36EcBn__1Q",
"id": 1351920879,
"type": "transport",
"action": "cluster:monitor/tasks/lists",
"start_time_in_millis": 1549378356810,
"running_time_in_nanos": 139082,
"cancellable": false

Is there something that I missed ?

Thank you for your help !

[EDIT] Or so I thought ! I realized the documents disappearing where not older than 1 year BUT the total documents since the begining hasn't changed one bit.
I divided my research in 2 groups : 1st group 'now from 1 year ago' & 2nd group '1year ago from ... 10 years ago' though we don't have data that old.
Result ? 1st group is losing doc, but 2nd group isn't gaining any, and the total doesn't bulge ...

Sooo... I'm still lost haha

Nevermind, I found the problem : me ! :sweat_smile:

My search interval is moving as time pass and with so many documents inserted, with specific timestamp, I'm bound to have document getting out of my interval. Found it when setting absolute date interval ...

Thanks anyway !
I don't know how to close this topic though :disappointed_relieved:

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