Why my elasticsearch index has a lot deleted doc?


elasticsearch 6.2.4

My application just has insert operations,but my elasticsearch index has a lot deleted doc when I check elasticsearch status?

"primaries": {
"docs": {
"count": 1044318,
"deleted": 34382
"store": {
"size_in_bytes": 61327772606
"indexing": {
"index_total": 1487932,
"index_time_in_millis": 16874641,
"index_current": 0,
"index_failed": 0,
"delete_total": 0,
"delete_time_in_millis": 0,
"delete_current": 0,
"noop_update_total": 0,
"is_throttled": false,
"throttle_time_in_millis": 0

Are you updating existing documents?

Hi ,thank you for reply!

According to the developers said just has insert operations,may be inserting same data to ES

Inserting same data with the same _id means updating. Is it the case?
If it is, then that explains.

A document update is basically a Delete + Insert operation.

Thank you for reply!
Yes,it is the case!

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