Elasticsearch doesn't find bundled JDK

I've just downloaded Elasticsearch 7.1.1 and am trying it out on Windows 10. Just today I learned that 7.0+ comes with a bundled JDK, so I decided to give it a try without setting JAVA_HOME. However, it cannot find the JDK at the directory where it actually exists:

C:\tools\elasticsearch-7.1.1\bin>dir C:\tools\elasticsearch-7.1.1\jdk
 Volume in drive C is [redacted]
 Volume Serial Number is [redacted]

 Directory of C:\tools\elasticsearch-7.1.1\jdk

05/23/2019  02:13 PM    <DIR>          .
05/23/2019  02:13 PM    <DIR>          ..
05/23/2019  02:12 PM    <DIR>          bin
05/23/2019  02:12 PM    <DIR>          conf
05/23/2019  02:12 PM    <DIR>          include
05/23/2019  02:12 PM    <DIR>          jmods
05/23/2019  02:12 PM    <DIR>          legal
05/23/2019  02:12 PM    <DIR>          lib
05/23/2019  02:12 PM             1,217 release
               1 File(s)          1,217 bytes
               8 Dir(s)  643,659,010,048 bytes free

"could not find java in JAVA_HOME or bundled at C:\tools\elasticsearch-7.1.1\jdk"


It does work if I set JAVA_HOME to that same jdk directory, so I'm wondering whether this may be a bug.


can you tell us, which file you exactly downloaded from which URL in addition?


Just the one on the download page, see below.

What's strange is that I downloaded this on my work laptop today and did not get the same problem. It's different hardware and never had the JDK or Elasticsearch on it, unlike my home laptop which had the problem.

would you mind opening a github issue with the above information? especially being detailed about what setup works and what does not?

Thanks a lot!

Sorry for the delay, I've done that and here's the issue.

I'd like to provide more detail but I'm not sure what more I can provide that will help reproduce the problem.

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