Elasticsearch doesn't find snapshots : _snapshot/_all response is blank

I am trying to restore a snapshot from Elasticsearch 5.3. I am running a fresh Elasticsearch 5.3 installation with the following yml:`

        node.name: restore_node
        path.data: D:\Data
        path.logs: D:\Logs
        path.repo: ["\\\\PC13\\ssd\\database\\repo"]

The repo is on an external ssd which i hooked up as a network on its own.

The problem is that no snapshots are found.
GET _snapshot/_all
response is

Any ideas?

Found the solution. Had to register the repository:

GET localhost:9200/_snapshot/NEWrepositoryName
        "type": "fs",
        "settings": {
            "compress": "true",
            "location": "PATHtoRepo"

Maybe this helpes someone

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