Elasticsearch snapshots not visible

(Jonas) #1

I am using Elasticsearch 6.3.0 with its default configuration, and am currently trying to restore older snapshots created with some version of Elasticsearch 6.x. I've added a repository to restore the old snapshots, but when querying /_snapshot/backup/_all no snapshots are visible.

The configuration of my repository:
"backup": {
"type": "fs",
"settings": {
"location": "/backup/elasticsearch"
I have confirmed that the user elasticsearchhas access to the snapshot directory. What are the next steps I can take to fix this issue?

(Tom Riley) #2

Have you validated that the path /backup/elasticsearch contains the Elasticsearch snapshots? Worth double checking the path, especially if its a filesystem mount. This is odd and should be working, you should be able to see & restore snapshots created from 5.x onward.


(Jonas) #3

Yeah, I checked. It contains about 30 different snapshots directories. Is there a way to restore a snapshot manually by just copying the data somewhere?

(Tom Riley) #4

Not according to the documentation.

Have you taken a look at the logs on the current master node to see if it reveals anything regarding snapshots?

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