Elasticsearch doesn't run as root

Good morning all the community...
I've serious problem with my elasticsearch.
I've installed and configured sonarqube version 6.7 (and 7.0, 7.1) on my pc to do the test for application that i developed.
when i run sonar (with ./sonar start) i've error. sonar doesn't run because elasticsearch cant run with a root user.
Please i want help. how can i do and where ?

Elasticsearch does not allow you to run it as root, so you need to use a different user.

how can i create this user and where ? please

OK when i start sonarqube with other user, it run good... But i can not access to sonar. it not take with the port 9000. i want to know how to do. so what port it take now ?

I unfortunately have no experience with Sonarqube, so will not be able to help you there.

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